I'm increasingly trying to work in live directorial ways- using intuition and live composition alongside traditional notation and graphic and text scores to create a more inclusive practice moving away from the normativity of classical composition. I have provided just 2 examples of how I am experimenting with conveying scores and form to performers.


The first image is an example of a dream map, a map I created from a series of dreams that directed the output material of the piece and the second is an extract of the viola score that plays in room 2, this is what I provided to the musicians. The dream map shows the overall structure of Etude #1 which was created using machine learning software fed with Hugo Wolf's first and last music compositions, the output provided the musical material and overall form of the piece. For my work I also use text scores, graphic scores, and audio cues to direct my musical and non-musical material. Please note that this is the first in a commissioned and unreleased series of Etudes, and must not be shared.